I started out making flavored toothpicks for personal use in order to kick the habit of using tobacco. For me, it was harder to break the behavioral habit than the chemical dependence and toothpicks helped replace the habitual use. 

Habit kicked, I started getting more creative with my flavors, packaging, production methods, and ABEOT organically grew as I perfected every aspect. Countless hours and tedious revisions to my recipes, production efficiencies, and packaging design now allow me to produce almost everything in house and on an extremely small batch scale. 

I chose the name ABEOT for two reasons. One, it's an acronym for A Birch Extracts and Oils Toothpick. Second, A (BEOT) is an old english term for a ritualized boast, vow, threat, or promise.

At ABEOT we like to boast about the quality of our toothpicks and vow to only use organic extracts and oils. We continually hope our toothpicks threaten any habit you are trying to kick, and we promise to continually seek creative solutions in offering a better product and experience to our customers.